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***Updated Tryout Schedule*** Each team will have two tryout...
DYHA Dues & Scholarships
(A note from DYHA Treasurer) DYHA Families, We understand that...
2020-2021 Season Information
As the 2020-2021 Season approaches - with COVID-19 related restrictions...
Bantam 14U Team Wins Championship!
Congratulations to our Bantam 14U for winning the Blue Note Cup!  
DYHA High School Team Wins State Championship!
Congratulations to our High School team for winning the Central Illinois...
Bantams Win in Nashville!
Congratulations to our 14U Bantam team for their tournament win in...
8U Wins Springfield Tourney
Congratulations to our 8U team for winning their division at the...

***Updated Tryout Schedule***

Each team will have two tryout sessions. Players must be registered for the team on decaturhockey.com BEFORE the tryout date and must attend at least one of the sessions in order to make the team. If the player does not make the team, the $50 registration fee may be transferred to the Combined House program.

  • 10U (Squirts): 10:30a-12:00p Saturday 10/3 & 6:00p-8:00p Tuesday 10/6
  • 12U (PeeWee): 12:15p-1:45p Saturday 10/3 & 7:45p-8:45p Monday 10/5
  • 14U (Bantam): 2:00p-3:15p Saturday 10/3 & 4:45-5:45p Tuesday 10/6

by posted 09/21/2020
DYHA Dues & Scholarships

(A note from DYHA Treasurer)

DYHA Families,

We understand that COVID-19 has brought new challenges not only for DYHA, but some of your families as well.  

When we set the dues rates this year, we sought to reduce costs as much as possible while still protecting the long-term health of DYHA.  From the initial total cost of travel team dues, we removed $325 that would have paid for game referees, MOAM participation, travel tournaments, and additional ice time (though most of the game time was converted to additional practice time).  We removed $50 from the dues for 6U and 8U as we cannot hold jamborees.  High School was reduced by $300 based on a reduced schedule. This is also explained at the top of the Registration page

Any of these costs may be added as prorated surcharges through the course of the season should restrictions ease, but we wanted to leave the funds in the hands of our members as long as possible and not charge for things that may or may not happen due to the COVID-19 restrictions. 

We've been asked why travel still costs more than house in the absence of games; the answer comes down to the number of players, amount of ice time, and the cost of the ice.  DYHA rents ice on an hourly basis from the Civic Center for all of our programs.  Our travel programs have more hours on the ice each week, have fewer players on the ice at a given time to share the cost, and get more specialized instruction. Our house programs generally have more players sharing the ice and have fewer hours on ice each week, so the per player cost is less.  Player count does vary by year and team but we try to keep the rates stable based on averages.

If your family is concerned about the costs of dues this year, we highly encourage you to submit a Scholarship application.  We have increased our scholarship budget so we can generously reduce the cost of dues for any family who needs it.  We don't want to see the cost of dues stand between your player and the ice this or any other season.  

As a final note, please remember to keep an eye on the COVID-19 news on our Decatur Hockey homepage.  We are keeping this up-to-date as guidance and restrictions continue to evolve.

Please let , President , or our  know if you have any questions.  HS-specific questions should be directed to DYHA-HS President Kim Taylor.


Thank you,
Blayne Mathis
DYHA Treasurer
on behalf of DYHA Board

by posted 09/11/2020
2020-2021 Season Information

As the 2020-2021 Season approaches - with COVID-19 related restrictions ever-changing - we will provide updates here.

9/10/20:  AHAI has issued an updated statement that changes the way AHAI is approaching out of state game play.  With this new stance, AHAI is no longer requiring AHAI-affiliated clubs to get travel permits to play outside of IL.  Games inside IL are still forbidden due to the IL All Sports Guidance. With this new ruling, AHAI is neither disallowing nor condoning play outside of IL, implying that the All Sports Guidance is not clear about IL clubs playing out of state -- and that clubs shall bear responsibility for interpreting and following such governmental mandates, implementing any required quarantines, etc.  Your DYHA board is now reviewing the statement and implications and will provide an update to our members as soon as possible.

8/28/20: The 2020 Ice Contract between DYHA and the Decatur Civic Center has been signed, finalizing the arrangements for the coming season.

8/24/20: DYHA Board President Bill Franey sent this update to DYHA members on behalf of the DYHA board.

8/24/20: AHAI, the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois, issued this release today to both empathize and to assert AHAI's governance of IL amateur hockey.  AHAI also issued this release to make it 100% clear that all IL teams must follow government policies and no team is allowed to play games or scrimmages in IL or out of state under the current restrictions.

8/21/20: Missouri Hockey has announced that hockey will move from phase 2 to phase 3 on 8/24.  However, this merely allows intra-team scrimmages and loosens practice group restrictions.  Furthermore, Illinois teams are disallowed by AHAI from travelling to play in Missouri, so the status of Missouri Hockey is irrelevant at this time despite DYHA's typical participation in Missouri Amateur Hockey.

8/19/20: The DYHA High School Board met yesterday evening for elections and annual planning.  Debbie Boerger was elected to join the board as Kari Kraus's tenure comes to an end. Welcome, Debbie, and thank you, Kari!  Kris Taylor has been confirmed as HS coach.  League and dues planning remains in progress but will be established, along with a practice schedule, soon.  Dues will be reduced from last year based on the lower game count expected.  HS will field one team (Varsity) this year.

8/19/20: We have taken questions around rumors of the City of Decatur closing the Civic Center for 2021.  The reality is that our DYHA President and Hockey Director have, for weeks, been in close contact with the City leaders to plan our season and all expectations are for this season to happen with ice in Decatur.  The City of Decatur does have a study group evaluating all possible ways to close the 2021 city budget gap and closing the Civic Center in 2021 was one of thirteen ideas suggested in a 8/7 report, which is what generated this rumor. However, the mayor discussed during her 8/10 radio interview (1:55, 8:50) that several of the ideas (this included) were not well received and the 8/10 meeting to discuss them was postponed to allow further study.

8/18/20: The U of I at Champaign announced their ice arena will not open for the 2020-2021 season.  Decatur, Bloomington, Springfield, Danville, and other local arenas plan to open or remain open as usual and CU is evaluating using non-home ice for their season.  UPDATE 8/21: Champaign Youth Hockey has announced they will field a program this year using Kankakee for tryouts and Bloomington and Danville rinks for their "home" ice.

8/18/20: This update was provided to membership from DYHA President Bill Franey.

8/17/20: DYHA typically participates in Missouri Amateur Hockey and Central Illinois Hockey League, in addition to Central Illinois Prep Hockey League and Lincoln Land Hockey League at the high school level.  As some parents have asked if our competition options would be different if we were to participate in the Northern Illinois Hockey League, we are sharing this guidance from the NIHL leadership. In addition to being cost prohibitive for DYHA, you can see that NIHL is applying the COVID-19 rules and restrictions similarly as we are in central IL.

8/14/20: Ice Schedule has been tentatively set; registration info updated with expected practice times and head coaches, where named.

8/13/20: Season Dues, COVID-19 waivers and restrictions, and many other topics were addressed at the DYHA Board meeting on 8/12.  Dues for travel programs have been reduced by the amounts typically allocated for the games and tournaments, since those cannot take place in the foreseeable future.  (Should these be possible at some point, surcharges will be required.)  Decatur's home ice will be installed 10/2; DYHA travel team tryouts will be held 10/2 and 10/3 on home ice.  (Note: This is a change from earlier plans to hold tryouts in Springfield during the week of 8/31.)  High School registration and dues will open following the DYHA-HS Board meeting on 8/18. The 8/12 minutes are available on the Board Meeting Minutes page.  Please review the important notes at the top of the Registration page when registering.

8/8/20: Registration has been opened for all programs at a cost of $50.  This communication was sent to all members.

8/4/2020: USA Hockey has announced that they will sanction the 2020-2021 season, respecting local restrictions and safe health guidance. (Guidance from AHAI (the Illinois-specific body) and the City of Decatur is still pending.)

7/30/2020: 2020-2021 Information - The situation around COVID-19 is very dynamic and what this coming season will look like is in many ways unknown. However, we have completed Board elections, named coaches, and tentatively set tryout dates. Please see this Q&A for more information -- though please remember that the situation will continue to change between now and season start. We will do our best to keep everyone informed.

by posted 08/05/2020
Bantam 14U Team Wins Championship!

Congratulations to our Bantam 14U for winning the Blue Note Cup!


by posted 03/03/2020
DYHA High School Team Wins State Championship!

Congratulations to our High School team for winning the Central Illinois Varsity State Championship, defeating Bloomington 10-3!


Congratulations also goes to Brendan Taylor, AHAI Player of the Year award winner!

by posted 02/24/2020
Bantams Win in Nashville!

Congratulations to our 14U Bantam team for their tournament win in Nashville!


by posted 02/22/2020
8U Wins Springfield Tourney

Congratulations to our 8U team for winning their division at the Springfield President's Day Tournament!  

by posted 02/15/2020
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