The Gear

If you are new to Decatur Youth Hockey, WELCOME! This page is designed to help you with some basic equipment that will be required.

Hockey Skates 

These are one of the most important parts of hockey equipment. A comfortable pair of skates is very important.  Used skates are perfectly fine for beginners.  They are already broken in and much more affordable!

Shin Pads

Shin pads will protect the legs from the top of the knees down to where the skates start. It’s important to have proper fitting shin pads so there are no gaps between the skates and the shin pads.

Hockey Socks

These go over the shin pads and then attach to the jock / jill either via velcro or the old style garter belt. Some players use clear tape to hold their socks up. DYHA uses the "New York Rangers" color pattern of socks. White for home and blue for away.

Jock (or Jill for girls)

A jock protects the important parts (female hockey players use Jills). There are a number of different jock styles available, the old style garter belt jock, and the newer style velcro shorts. The velcro helps hold the hockey socks into place.

Hockey Pants/Breezers

Yes they are called hockey pants, even though they look more like shorts. The Pants protect from the knees up to the belly. It’s important to get proper fitting hockey pants so they are not sagging or falling off, but also not too small that they leave a gap between the shin pads and bottom of the pants.  DYHA uses Red color pants for travel teams; 8U and down may use any color.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads protect the shoulders, biceps, chest, and upper part of the back. Some players prefer bulky shoulder pads while others prefer shoulder pads that barely protect anything (better mobility). Younger players should target shoulder pads that offer good protection, but make sure they are not too big that it restricts the child from moving.

Elbow pads

Elbow pads protect the elbows, as well as a bit of the forearm and triceps. The elbow pads are mainly for protection when the player falls.

Helmet with full cage

A helmet is obviously very important. Take time to make sure the helmet offers a good snug fit.  A full cage is also required to protect the face.  DYHA uses WHITE helmets for travel teams. 8U and lower may use any color helmet.

Neck Guard

The neck guard protects the neck from the very rare chance that a hockey stick or skate blade comes in contact with the throat.

Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is required to protect from dental damage and concussions.  A mouth guard with a tether that attaches to the helmet is a wise choice!

Hockey Stick

A very basic hockey stick is appropriate for beginners.  Find an inexpensive stick, wrap some cool tape on the blade, and you're good to go.  The stick's length is a consideration.  You should cut the stick so when it's vertical it comes up to your player's chin when he/she is in skates.  If you have any questions, ask your coach before you get out the saw

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